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Don Smith: Website Designer, Graphics Artist and Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Advantage Business Designs
Website Site Map and Resource Page

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All Online Portfolio Galleries on the ABD Website:

All-time Favorite Gallery Web Pages:

ABD Websites and website design/construction resource links:

Advantage Business Designs Portfolio Websites: ABD Commercial Websites:

Big Sur Travel Tips; www.BigSur.tips:
Big Sur Travel Information Website; hot tips and cleaver tricks aimed at increasing your vacation enjoyment in Big Sur California. #1 Go-To-First Website to visit while you are planning your Pacific Coast Highway 1 road trip or travel vacation to the scenic Big Sur Coast. Website chalk full of great travel and vacation information in condensed form, the top suggestions and very best advice to improve your visit to California’s famous Big Sur.
Ocean View Hawaii Vacation Rentals: www.cheaphawaiivacationrentals.com
Looking for an affordable tropical vacation alternative? Why not try the beauty excitement and fun of Hawaii? How about an inexpensive vacation rental Pacific Ocean View condominium at the, Waikiki Banyan Resort?
HEARST CASTLE HOTELS www.san-simeon-lodging.com HEARST CASTLE HOTELS is a website with everything about all the hotels and motels near Hearst Castle. Information about these hotels and motels in San Simeon on the Central California Coast: Best Western Cavalier Oceanfront Resort, Best Western Courtesy Inn, California Seacoast Lodge, El Rey Garden Inn, Inns of California, Motel 6 - San Simeon, San Simeon Lodge, Sands Motel, Sea Breeze Inn, Silver Surf Motel, "The Hacienda" Restaurant & Guest Lodge which was once Hearst's own private hunting lodge. All the hotels and motels near Hearst Castle and lots of local area information and useful website links.
BROTHER JOHN'S www.brotherjohns.com BROTHER JOHNS HANDMADE JEWELERY and METALLURGY is the website of Big Sur local artist the late John Mehan, better known as "Brother John," Brother John was a talented productive self taught artist who worked in sculpture and metallurgy from 1961 till his death 2011.
RAGGED POINT INN and RESORT www.raggedpoint.us The RAGGED POINT INN and RESORT Website has a plethora of information and area resource links about the Ragged Point Inn and Resort, the things to do and see on the Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway One all the way from Monterey to Cambria California.
BIG SUR LODGING ACCOMMODATIONS www.big-sur-lodging.com Big Sur Hotels, Inns, Resorts, Vacation and Cabin Rentals. Visitor information for the scenic Pacific Coast Highway 1. There is information on local Big Sur tourist business like gift shops and art galleries, restaurants, snack and coffee bars. It is a Big Sur travel website with an online tourist guide packed with information about picnicking, hiking, camping, and things for the visitor to do on the Central California Coast near Big Sur.

Earth Harvest, www.earthharvest.org Is there a God? Who is God, what is God's nature. EARTH HARVEST is an online Bible based book of apologetics or a presentation of the beliefs and proofs of the Christian faith and their defense against theological corruption.
EARTH HARVEST in 12 different languages for 12 different cultures: Arabic | Chinese Traditional | Chinese Simplified | Deutsch | English | Español | Farsi | Français | Italiano | Japanese | Português | Russian

Existe Dios www.existedios.com EXISTE DIOS es un libro en línea usando la biblia tal como el cual explora y contesta a preguntas eternas: ¿Hay un dios? ¿Quién es dios? El Existe Dios demostraciones que hay un dios. ¿Cuál es la naturaleza del dios? ¿Es Jesús Cristo el hijo del dios?
Existe Dios Dibujos www.existedios.com.es EXISTE DIOS DIBUJOS es Dibujos religiosos, clipart para cristianos, imagenes catolicos, niños colorear; Dibujos Religiosos Biblicos para Cristianos, los dibujos religiosos, clipart religiosos, imagenes religiosos, gráficos religiosos, para colorear religiosos y el clip art catolicos religiosos cristianos para gratuitos.
Just in time for Mothers Day May 13, 2012 a Gallery of Beautiful Paintings of the #1 mother, the Virgin Mary, Mother of Grace, Mother of God: Galería de imágenes religiosas católicas, Maria Virgen, Maria madre de gracia, madre de dios. all of the Virgin Mary paintings are beautiful, some are by famous artists like Michaelangelo, the whole collection are paintings where she appears without Christ the son.

Fun, Family and Funny Websites:
CrazyWebsite.Com www.crazywebsite.com -
A connection to the humorous side of the internet. Funny Web Video, Crazy Websites, Jokes, Funny Photos, youtube, Crazy Flash Websites, Free Clipart, Free Galleries, Crazy Pictures, Crazy Frog Song, Myspace Layouts.
Alien Visitors, UFOs Special Research Report
from CrazyWebsite.com -

Alien Visitors, UFOs / UAPs Special Research Report from CrazyWebsite.com; Crazy Website Your Source for Alien Visitors UFO / UAPs Online Humor and Entertainment; Watch Funny Cartoon Alien Online Crazy Videos Free Goofy Crazy Alien UFO Clipart, Alien Abduction the Flash Game and Space Games, Funny Alien Jokes, Funny Crazy Real Alien Pictures, Crazy, Weird and Wacky Crazy Out of this World Websites, and lots of FUN Surprises; topics covered: Extraterrestrials, UFOs / UAPs, Flying Saucers, Spacecraft, Alien Abductions, Alien visitors ufos, UFO Bible, cartoon Aliens dibujos clipart gratis fondos gratis Animaciones de gif, free Alien Visitor UFO clipart, free outer space galleries, free myspace layouts, web video, crazy flash websites, joke of the day, crazy pictures, crazy video websites, fun weird funny websites, real extraterrestrial pictures.
Free Valentines Day Clipart from crazywebsite.com
Silly Goofy Crazy Funny and Free Valentines Day Clipart, Stupid Cupid, Crazy Hearts,Funny Flowers

ABD Custom Google Maps:
Yosemite lodging and camping in or near Yosemite National Park --Yosemite vacationing, stay in or close to Yosemite ... find all the best inns, lodges, resorts, hotels, motels, campgrounds, towns villages and other lodging places in or near Yosemite National Park. Choose from hundreds of lodges, motels and rentals or camp at one of over 60 campgrounds.
Eat, Sightsee & Play; Best Yosemite Vacation Spots - The best places to eat in and near to Yosemite as well as great things to see and do. Sightseeing, touring, playing, eating and dining in and around Yosemite National Park.
Picnic & Purchase Supplies for Yosemite Vacation - Where to go to buy groceries and vacation/camping supplies and enjoy eating outdoors at the best picnic spots in or near Yosemite National Park.
Big Sur CA Road Trip Vacation - Drive the majestic Pacific Coast Highway 1, sightsee, photograph, play at beaches and redwood forests, camp by the ocean or Big Sur River, or hang at a world class resort… picnic, or fine dining on a road trip along PCH 1 traveling to Big Sur California 93920…
Best Beaches for your Hearst Castle Country California Vacation - Map of all the best beaches for your central California Coast Hearst Castle Country Vacation: complete listings of the top best beaches to visit near Hearst Castle California; where they are at, descriptions of what they are like and what visitor facilities they have available.
Camping Big Sur California - Camp, Picnic, Hike and enjoy campgrounds on or reached from the scenic Pacific Coast Highway 1 near Big Sur California 93920, including information on all campgrounds, day-use picnic areas beaches, hiking trails, tourist attractions and visitor activities near the Big Sur campgrounds Botchers Gap Campground, Andrew Molera California State Park Campground, Big Sur Campground and Cabins, Santa Lucia Chapel and Campground, Riverside Campground and Cabins, Fernwood Resort Campground, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Campground, Sykes Hotsprings Campground, Ventana Campground, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park Campground, Limekiln Creek Campground, Kirk Creek Campground, Nacimiento Campground, Ponderosa Campground, Plaskett Creek Campground, and Treebones Resort Campground; visitor tourist sightseer information about the tourist attractions and visitor points of interest for Big Sur campers and Pacific Coast Highway 1 drivers and travelers.
Best Places to Eat In Cambria, CA -Cream of the crop... very best eating and drinking establishments in Cambria California; now mostly just sit-down American restaurants and tasty food take away places like delicatessens and scrumptious fast food taco stands, soon to include Pizza, Chinese, additional Mexican food, coffee bars and more...
Restaurants for San Simeon Ca, Places to eat near Hearst Castle - Hearst Castle San Simeon California Restaurants; map of all the eating and drinking establishments at or near Hearst Castle San Simeon California and some prime places to eat that offer a unique ocean view dining experience before or after your William Randolph Hearst Castle California State Historical Monument Tour.
San Simeon Bed and Breakfasts - All of the best Bed and Breakfast lodgings accommodations near San Simeon California and some other interesting lodging alternatives for Hearst Castle visitors and Central Coast vacationers.
Big Sur Restaurants, best Places to Eat Near Big Sur CA - Map of all Big Sur California Restaurants, Pacific Ocean View Restaurants, Cafes, Snack Bars, Hamburger Stands and Espresso Coffee Bars; Big Sur California 93920, USA; best places to eat along the Scenic Pacific Coast Highway 1 close to Big Sur.
Big Sur Waterfalls - Famous Waterfalls of Big Sur California Central Coast. Natural, beautiful Big Sur Waterfall trail hike locations and Big Sur waterfalls visitor tourist sightseer information about the famous Big Sur California Waterfalls, Black Swift Falls Ragged Point Inn Resort California, Salmon Creek Falls, Limekiln Falls, Limekiln Creek State Park, McWay Falls, Canyon Falls, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Highbridge Waterfall, Andrew Molera State Park and Pfeiffer Falls, Pfeiffer Big Sur California State Park.
Things to Do Near Ragged Point CA - Visitor things to do, and see near the Ragged Point Inn and Resort; PCH 1 from Lucia to San Simeon CA; beach access, hikes, Pacific Valley Station , places to explore, picnic, hike, Sand Dollar, Jade Cove, Piedras Blancas Motel Beach, Piedras Blancas Lighthouse and Elephant Seal Rookery, Sebastian's Store, Hearst Castle San Simeon Calif and more...

Website Design Resources:
FLASH KIT The ultimate online resource for Macromedia Flash development.
ANIMATION RESOURCES A directory of animation related websites and discussion groups.

Level 1; This Websites Main Pages

Animated Introduction Outdated for most current website design but it's funny and appropriate for a Website Design Studio like Advantage Business Designs.
About Advantage Business Designs
All about Don Smith and his website design studio company, Advantage Business Designs.
Graphics by Don Smith Computer graphics and professional graphics designer experience.
Photography by Don Smith
Digital photography, photography for the internet website; professional photographer experience
Advantage Business Designs Web Development
Principle page about internet development, website design, construction and search engine optimization of commercial business websites.
Animations by Don Smith Experience as a flash animator and examples of flash animation work.
You Are
Site Map and Resource Page

Level 2; Portfolios Online Gallery Thumbnail Index Pages

Art Gallery
Thumbnail Page

A collection of pure artwork by Don Smith; sculptures, paintings, drawings and such.
Film Gallery
Thumbnail Page

A gallery featuring Don Smith's art experience in the film industry.
Graphics Gallery
Thumbnail Page

Examples of professional print graphics by Don Smith.
Photo Thumbnail Page
Photographs of all kinds.
Website Screenshot Page
ABD Sites and Links.

Level 3; Art Gallery Pages - Collection of Artwork by Don Smith

Ceramics Bowl-008
Ceramics Bowl-009
Ceramics Pipe 1971 -008
Ceramics Pipe 1971 -009
Vito Acconci, Giant Clams finished-02
Vito Acconci, Giant Clams finished-03
Vito Acconci, Giant Clams finished-04
Vito Acconci, Giant Clams finished-05
Vito Acconci, Giant Clam Shell Build-01
Vito Acconci, Giant Clams finished-01
Stone Sculpture 011
Stone Sculpture 012
Stone Sculpture 026
Wood Project 005
Wood Projects 014
File Cabinet 01
File Cabinet 02
File Cabinet 03
File Cabinet 04

Mural Sunset 009
Painting 0029
Pencil Drawing-01
Pressed Flower Bookrnark-003
Pressed Flower Bookmark-005
Sculpture Stone-003
Sculpture Stone-004

Level 3; Film Gallery Pages - from Movies that Don Smith Worked On
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Photographs from a few movie, commercial, and music video sets and locations that Don Smith worked on:
Bride of Reanimator Movie Set 1
Bride of Reanimator Movie Set 3
Bride of Reanimator Movie Set 4
Jungle Beach Commercial 2
Jungle Beach Commercial 4
Jungle Beach Commercial 6
Red Rock West Movie Set 1
Red Rock West Movie Set 2
Red Rock West Movie Set 3
Red Rock West Movie Set 4
Red Rock West Movie Set 5
Red Rock West Movie Set 6
Bruce Springsteen Video Location:"57 Channels" 2
Bruce Springsteen Video Location:"57 Channels" 3
Bruce Springsteen Video Location:"57 Channels" 4
Bruce Springsteen Music Video Set:"57 Channels" 10 Bruce Springsteen Music Video Set:"57 Channels" 11 Bruce Springsteen Music Video Set:"57 Channels" 18 Thee of Hearts
A collection of video boxes from many of the movies that Don Smith worked on:
Thee of Hearts
7 Hours to Judgment
7 Hours to Judgment
Movie: 12:01
Blood in Blood Out
Blood in Blood Out
Bride of Reanimator
Bride of Reanimator
Destiny Turns On the Radio
Destiny Turns On the Radio

House Party
House Party
Howling VI
Howling VI
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones
Public Eye
Public Eye
Red Rock West
Red Rock West
Movie: S.F.W.
Movie: S.F.W.
Vietnam Texas
Vietnam Texas
Weekend in the Country
Weekend in the Country

Level 3; Graphics Gallery Pages: Gallery of print graphics by Don Smith

Candy Label Graphic 1
Candy Label Graphic 2
RPI Design Cookbook
Firewood Advertisement Sign Graphic 1
RPI Design Ham Sandwich sign
Highway One Map
Ice-cream Advertisement Sign
Jazz Advertisement Sign 1
Juice Advertisement Sign
Lobby Open Sign
New Years Coupons
Yellow Pages Advertisement 1
Astral Video Productions Logo Business Card
Ragged Point Map 1
Menu Cover 1
Menu Cover 2
Wedding Advertisement
Desert Menu 1
Desert Menu 2
Tide Book Cover
Milk Shake Advertisement Sign
Advantage Business Designs Report Cover
Ragged Point B&W Logo Graphic
Ragged Inn Point Oval Logo Graphic

Advertisement Auspuff Magazine
Cypress Tree Logo Sign 1
Cypress Tree Logo Sign 2
Cypress Tree Design Gas Pumps Graphics
Cypress Tree Design Logo
Hotel Room Locator
Cypress Tree Design Logo Graphic 8
RPI Design Embroidery Logo 1
RPI Design Embroidery Logo 2
Advertisement Auspuff Magazine
Advantage Business Designs Stationary
Stationary Brother John Design
Brother John Order Form
Stationary: A Garden Enchanted
RPI Logo Design Tide Book 1
Tiger Tech Logo
Wedding Menu 1
RPI Design Placematt Welcome Jag
Wesell Yerstuff & Goodman TV Graphic
RPI Design Wine Cover
Wine Cover 2
RPI Design Wine List
Yellow Pages Advertisement
Enchanted Gardens Business Card

Level 3; Photo Gallery - Gallery of Professional Photography by Don Smith

Big Sur Sunset
Hummingbird 1
Hummingbird 2
Hummingbird 3
Hummingbird 4
84th Birthday Picture
Electric Rainbow
Flame Calla Lillie
Hearst Castle Photograph
Monarch Butterfly
Moon Rising Landscape
Moon Rise Landscape
Morro Bay Landscape, Sunset 1
Morro Bay Landscape, Sunset 2
Bright Orange Flower
Brother John Portrait

Christmas Photo
4th of July Portrait photography
Photo Shop Filters Iris Desktop 1
Photo Shop Filters Iris Desktop 2
Photo Shop Filters Ragged
Photo Shop Filters Ragged 1
PhotoShop Filters Ragged 2
Piedras Blancas Lighthouse
Portrait photography 1
Little Person Portrait
Portrait photography 2
Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography 1
Sunrise at Sea
Ragged Point Inn Panorama

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Please send money; stuff is expensive. ..........................................Don Smith


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