Custom Embroidered Logo for Employee Uniform Shirts:
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RPI Embroidery Logo 2: The companies logo graphics had many variations created by professional freelance graphics artist, Don Smith, this graphic was used for embroidery.  From the Advantage Business Designs graphic design companies, portfolio: freelance graphic artist Don Smith.

Custom Embroidered Logo for emplyee uniform shirts:

I revised the Ragged Point Inn and Resort logo many times to serve different purposes and different styles of duplication, like print, silkscreen or this simplified logo for embroidery that only uses only 6 colors.

There are also several different versions of the embroidered logo; some were used on shirts and hats sold at the gift shop others were custom produced for the employee uniforms. This one used on the employee uniform hats was created by our employee uniform supply company Chestnut Identity Apparel ; Chestnut Identity Apparel is a full embroidery uniform supply company which has provided custom embroidered shirts and hats for the employees and custom embroidered wearing apparel for sale to tourists at the company gift shop.

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