Photos by photographer Donald George Smith, b 1949 Holyoke Massachusetts/P-Kevin_Bass_Lake-2001-01.jpg

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Photograph of Kevin Ramey: The picture demonstrates a digital photography tip on shooting the photo subject out of center to make the photo more interesting..

Photograph of Kevin Ramey: The picture was shot with the Olympus C-3030 digital camera using the provided zoom lens. Digital Photography Tips and Tricks: This is an extreme example but the lesson demonstrated here is don't always put your subject right in the center of the photograph, you can create a much more interesting photo if you can compose a shot that is still well designed but the subject is not centered maybe way out of center like this one. There are many design elements (such as the relationships of line directions and the properties of the colors) which make up a well composed photo that can offset an out of center the subject.

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