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"Seven Hours to Judgement"

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Seven Hours to Judgement
Movie Info:


Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller




Beau Bridges


Beau Bridges, Ron Leibman, Julianne Phillips, Tiny Ron, Al Freeman Jr.

Pre-rigging Grip:
Don Smith

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Seven Hours to Judgement
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Seven Hours to Judgement: Video Box Graphic from the Movie Seven Hours to Judgement

Seven Hours to Judgement: Video Box Scan from the movie "Seven Hours to Judgement"

Plot Summary:

A street gang raids David Reardon's wife and leaves her half-dead. When the gang is brought to court, she still lies down in coma, so judge Eden has to let them go on lack of evidence. Reardon believes it was Eden's fault and takes revenge: he kidnaps Eden's wife and threatens to kill her if he doesn't find proof against the punks in 7 hours. In panic, Eden starts erring around in the night to find a witness.

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"...In SEVEN HOURS TO JUDGMENT Beau Bridges proves to be just as versatile a director as he is an actor....Bridges is as adept at hard action as he is in quiet, intimate scenes and clearly has a flair for the visual and a strong sense of pace..." (Los Angeles Times 09/20/1988)
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