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Bride of Re-Animator: Video Box Graphic from the Movie Bride of Re-Animator

Bride of Re-Animator: Video Box Scan from the Movie "Bride of Re-Animator"

Bride of Re-Animator was nominated for two awards by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films in 1991. It was nominated for "Best Horror Film" and Jeffrey Combs was nominated for "Best Supporting Actor".

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Plot Summary of Re-animator

Re-Animator was undoubtedly one of the most notorious horror films of the 1980's. Based on a classic 'Mad Professor' tale, this relentless splatterfest takes obsession, suspense and terror to the very limits of your imagination... prepare to meet Dr. Herbert West, the sickest man in science.

The night that medical student Dan Cain discovered his pet cat, Rufus, dead in his roommates fridge was just the beginning. Before long Dan, and his beloved girlfriend, Megan, become involved in the macabre experiments of his room-mate, the sinister Dr. Herbert West, who has created a serum that can bring both brain and body back from the dead. The immoral scientific methods of Dr. West provide the Dean of the medical school with reason to expel West and force Cain out of the hospital.

Undeterred, West and Cain continue with their experiments in the hospital's morgue - restoring life to an unlimited supply of fresh corpses. However, a chilling side effect to West's discovery leads to a seemingly endless night of mind-bending terror and unthinkable madness.

Plot Summary for
Beyond Re-animator:

Dr. West is back but this time he´s in jail serving a sentence based on the deaths his zombies caused. Seems his old buddy Dr. Cain is responsible for this so naturally West is not yet ready to trust the new prison doctor. But this Doctor knows West fairly well…so well, that Dr. Phillips actually grabbed the dropped syringe of re-agent at the scene where West was arrested, 13 years ago. Phillips brings it to the prison and enlists Phillips is re-starting the testing process. But while west has been trying to do his experiments over the last decade on rats, Phillip´s presence allows him to practice on humans. And this time there´s a new twist and you won´t want to miss it.

Bride of Re-animator was without a doubt the coolest and most fun of any horror movie I worked on. The quotes most often repeated while making the movie:
The Director Brian Uzna: "We need LOTS more blood and more guts..."
Fabiana and the crew: "We gotta get out of here; they are trying to kill us..."
- Don Smith, on-set dresser, Bride of Re-animator: "We gotta get out of here; they are trying to kill us..."

Plot Summary of Bride of Re-animator (AKA Re-animator 2) from the video jacket:

Re-creating life from dismembered limbs and bits of dead body tissue is much more than a part-time job for maniacal medical student Herbert West. He has put his whole heart into his incredible and macabre research... now he needs someone else's!

In the first stage of their grisly experiments, West and his assistant Dan Cain, succeeded in bringing back the dead with their amazing re-animating serum. But only at the expense of a nightmare massacre of murder and mayhem.

This time, Herbert is aiming not just to restore life, but to CREATE it from spare body parts. His twisted ganius has given birth to hideous and disgusting combinations, both animal and human. yet, still the ultimate triumph of rebuilding an entire woman from assorted limbs and organs eludes him...until now!

Movie Title: Bride of Re-Animator
Movie Genre: Horror
Directed by: Brian Yuzna
Produced by: Hidetaka Konno, Keith Walley, Paul White, Brian Yuzna, Michael Muscal
Written by Stories: H. P. Lovecraft
Screenplay: Rick Fry, Woody Keith, Brian Yuzna
Starring: Bruce Abbott, Fabiana Udenio, Kathleen Kinmont, Jeffrey Combs
Distributed by Wild Street Pictures
Release date: 1990 (Toronto International Film Festival)
Running time: 96 min.
Language: English

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