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Framed the Movie: Video Box Graphic from the Movie Framed

Framed the Movie:
Front Video Box Scan
from the Movie "Framed"


Jeff Goldblum, Kristin Scott Thomas, Tod Graff, Michael Lerner, Abdul Salaam El Razzac, James Hong

Art Department On-set Dresser:

Don Smith, Kristin Jones

Plot Summary:

The setting is Paris where Interpol Agents arrests an art forger, Wiley (Jeff Goldblum) just after his sweetheart Kate (Kristin Scott Thomas) leaves their apartment with 5 million francs. Has she set him up? He wonders if she has set him up and fights his feelings of love for her while he spends time in prison for art forgery. Several years later, Wiley's (Jeff Goldblum) is out of prison and bartending in L.A., trying to forget her. Kate shows up with a new name, a fiancé who's a mob boss, and a scheme to steal and sell a priceless painting, "the Modigliani" and asks Wiley to forge a painting to put in its place to help pull of the heist. An odd FBI agent named Joak (Abdul Salaam El Razzac) threatens Wiley with more jail time if Wiley doesn't help sting Kate who it appears he has been pursuing to try and arrest. The plot twists and turns revealing different sides of all the bizarre and interesting characters involved constantly keeping the viewer wondering who is who and what the heck are they up to; what is the truth and what is lies and how will it all end up.

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