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Hellbound: Video Box Graphic from the Movie Hellbound

Hellbound the movie:
Rear Video Box Scan
from the Movie "Hellbound"


Chuck Norris, Calvin Levels, Christopher Neame, Sheree J. Wilson, David Robb

Property Assistant USA:

Don Smith

Plot Summary:

Shatter and Jackson, 2 Chicago police officers, are investigating the brutal murder of a rabbi and are summoned to Israel for questioning. While they are in Israel they continue their investigation there on some leads they have. After a while they begin to understand that they are trying to catch a supernatural being, and if they don't do it fast something terrible will happen.

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Product Description:
Got an itch for action? These three Chuck Norris movies know where to scratch! HellBound (Disc 1/Side A) remains one of the hard-hitting hero's most unusual films, a searing tale of a Chi-town cop whose murder investigation leads him to Israel...and into battle against a owerful satanic being. Next, Norris poses as The Hitman (Disc 1/Side B), pretending to be a stone-cold hired gun in order to draw closer to the mob he intends to take down. And Hong Kong's gambling realm is the setting for Norris in Forced Vengeance (Disc 2). The martial arts star plays a security expert on the trail of the killers of Lucky Dragon Casino's manager. He chops, they drop: it's an action jackpot!

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3 movies for
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3 movies for
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